Scott's 2001 VFR 800, No frills and pretty much stock


Beth's 98 VFR 800, OEM blue bodywork and stripped rims

VFR800 Sargent Cycle World Sport Saddle

  Since January 2000, when I sent back the Corbin, I was riding on the stock seat, a real wedgie machine! I survived. Part of what got me through it was the hope that eventually, Sargent Cycle Products would finish their seat for the VFR. I preregistered with Sargent so that I would be one of the first folks getting my seat and a small discount. The final price with shipping was around $300. Their target release date kept getting pushed back. Finally, May 15, 2000, they start selling. I get my seat a few days later. In a word, AWESOME!

  I have not taken any seat specific shots of the bike. You can easily see the seat in many of the pictures of the bike with the GIVI stuff on it. The nice thing about this seat is that it is incredibly comfortable. Seats are like helmets though. There are Corbin butts, Sargent butts, stock butts, etc,... Just like there are Shoei heads, Arai heads and so on. I just happen to have a Sargent butt, which is fine by me because I think the fit and finish of the Sargent seat is excellent. Not only that, their customer service is fantastic. My first seat arrived and had a small cut in the material on the rear seat section. They promptly express shipped me an entire new seat, paid for its shipping and the cost of returning the first seat! Sweet!

  One of the nifty features of the Sargent seat is that because it is a two piece seat, the rear section can be left off and the rear cowling can be used as a cover. This holds the front section in place and provides a large storage area under the cowling. However, there is no locking mechanism so it is not secure storage, nor is it weather proof.

  The seat is a dramatic improvement for both the driver and passenger. For the driver, there is a slight upslope right at the tip of the seat at the tank. This keeps you from getting a lot of weight right where you don't want it! The stock seat sloped down right into the tank, this caused perpetual wedgies, something very undesireable when riding long distances. Also, with the stock seat, the passenger seat sloped forward with nothing to help hold the passenger in place. The Sargent seat has a slight rise in front of the passenger which helps keep them from sliding up onto the driver's backside. The padding is a big improvement over stock padding as well. The seating area is wide and flat giving lots of room to move around. Every riding buddy I have loves the looks of the Sargent seat on the VFR.

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