Scott's 2001 VFR 800, No frills and pretty much stock


Beth's 98 VFR 800, OEM blue bodywork and stripped rims

Speed Bleeder Brake Caliper Bleed Screws

  If you have ever tried bleeding the brakes on a motorcycle by yourself, then you know how frustrating it can be. Trying to loosen and tighten the bleeder screws while simultaneously operating the brake or hydraulic clutch lever makes you wish you were an octopus. Enter the Speed Bleeders. These little bleeder screws have a tiny one way valve inside them. Their simplicity is marvelous. Once you replace the existing bleeder screws, bleeding the brakes is a breeze.

  The VFR 800 has linked brakes and a hydraulic clutch. This means there are eight bleeding points in the system, one for the clutch and seven for the brakes. My total cost is about $60. Installing them is a snap! I unscrew the existing bleeder screws and remove them one at a time. Immediately after unscrewing the old screw, I screw in one of the speed bleeders. Very little brake fluid comes out of the system at each point. The hardest ones to reach are the screws on the rear tire brake.

  Once the screws are in place, I start with the front brake and begin bleeding each point. I simply unscrew the bleeder about 1/4 turn to allow fluid to flow out when the brake lever is pumped. I don't have to worry about air being sucked back into the system because the one way valve prevents that from happening. So I simply pump the brakes and keep the fluid reservoir topped off. Eventually, the air in the line quits coming out and I tighten the screw and move to the next one. It takes me all of about ten minutes to bleed all of the brakes and the clutch. SWEET!! I save the rubber caps from the original screws and put them on the end of the new bleeder screws.

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  My brakes had been soft since I bought the bike because the dealer did a slipshod job of bleeding them when I purchased the bike. The same is true of the clutch. I was about to leave on a 3500 mile trip on the bike and got the bleeders a few days before departure. I was thrilled that they were so easy to install and use. It made a huge difference in the feel of the brakes. I recommend these to every rider I know without reservation.

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