Scott's 2001 VFR 800, No frills and pretty much stock


Beth's 98 VFR 800, OEM blue bodywork and stripped rims

Beth's 2001 Suzuki SV650S - Sargent Seat

  Based on the great experience I have had with the Sargent seat on my 98 VFR 800 and 2001 VFR 800, we decide to go with Sargent over Corbin for the SV650S. I order it online from Sargent as soon as it is available for the SV650S. The SV650 and SV650S have identical seats.

  Personally, I think the shape of the stock seat on the SV650S was fine, it just needs firmer foam to keep it from compressing so much. I am 5'10" and weigh about 175 lbs. However, Beth finds the Sargent seat to be much more comfortable. She is 5'5" and I'd be shot if I told you what she weighs.

  Anyway, we get the Griptex cover option and it looks pretty good. However, I think that I would have preferred the smooth cover like I have on my VFR 800. I don't really notice any difference between the two materials when riding the bikes back to back. One is not really any grippier than the other. I have ridden them in jeans and Cortech/Kevlar riding pants, but I have not worn leather. Somehow I doubt it would make much difference.

  For me, the seat is less comfortable than the stock for one reason. Like my VFR 800 Sargent seat, this one curves up right in front of the gas tank. On the VFR that is great because it keeps you from getting a constant wedgie when you get intimate with the tank during sporty riding. However, the hump on the seat for the SV seems a little larger and farther back from the tank. SO... when I get up on the tank to ride more aggressively, well... let's just say it puts an undesirable pressure on some pressure sensitive equipment. ;-) But the seating area is nice, wide and supportive, allowing me to move around as needed.

  Beth loves the seat. She finds it to be much more comfortable than the stock seat. In June of 2001, we made a 3000 mile trip on the bikes. She found the seat to be comfortable for long hours. Of course this does not mean that her rear didn't get sore after sitting on the bike for twelve hours. She still had to move around and stretch throughout the day as we were riding. But at the end of the day, she said she felt great as soon as she got off the bike. For rides of several hours, she experiences no discomfort at all.

  The quality and fit of the seat are great. The same is true of my seat on the VFR 800. My first VFR seat had a small cut in the material. When I called Sargent, their customer service was excellent and they sent me a new seat right away, no questions asked. You'd be hard pressed to get that kind of treatment from Corbin, I know from experience!

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