Scott's 2001 VFR 800, No frills and pretty much stock


Beth's 98 VFR 800, OEM blue bodywork and stripped rims

Beth's 2001 Suzuki SV650S


  During our trip to North Carolina in August of 2000, Beth has the opportunity to ride a 1999 Triumph Sprint ST in the mountains. Too late, she is bitten with the bug for a bike with better handling and performance than her 1999 Triumph Legend 900. So which bike do you think she wants? That's right, the very expensive Sprint ST, especially because it comes in blue, her favorite color. So for the next month or so, I get to listen to small hints and subtle clues about how I can get her a Sprint.

  After getting home from that trip, I start looking around at the dealers, buying the Cycle Trader and poking around the internet. But the longer I look, the more I am convinced that the Sprint ST is just not the bike for Beth right now. It is quite a bit more top heavy than her Legend and simply out of our price range, even for a used one. While in North Carolina at a dealership in Waynesville, we were checking out one of the 2000 SV 650 models in the blue. Beth absolutely loves the shade of blue used on the SV.

  I figure I'll see if I can get her interested in the new 2001 SV650. It comes with a partial fairing on the front, is in the great blue she loves, only weighs about 375 pounds and is far cheaper than the Sprint. All it takes is showing her some pictures of the bike and getting her to sit on one.

  A friend we met in North Carolina, Jim Huber, is kind enough to let us come down to his place and test ride his brand new red 2001 SV 650S. That is pretty much the clincher for Beth and myself. The SV is a blast to ride! It is lightweight and has tons of power. So I call all over the place and finally find the only one within 100 miles of Houston. I get a few dealerships haggling against each other to see who will give me the best deal. Finally, Stubbs in Houston comes through and I pick up the bike Tuesday, Nov. 7th, 2000. I manage to get it trailered back to Huntsville without getting rained on so Beth can see her new bike before it got filthy.

  Beth takes to the new Suzuki immediately. She uses it for evening and weekend rides, short weekend trips and a long 3000 mile vacation trip. After the 3000 mile service, I begin using the Honda HP4 Semi-Synthetic. The bike usually gets 50 mpg or better for Beth. I can't keep my fist out of the throttle and usually get about 45 mpg. Below are the few modifications we have done to the bike to make it more comfortable.

The Slippery Slope of Modifications...
Pictures of the Bike in Stock Form
A Vista Cruise Throttle lock - Now Removed
Hot Grip Heated Grips
Sargent Cycles Seat
Throttlemeister Throttle Lock
GIVI Hard Luggage Tail Rack

  I replace the stock OEM Metzler's before they are totally worn out because I think they are lame. The tires on the bike now give superior grip, feedback and longevity. I use a Bridgestone ST 010 sport tire on the front and a Dunlop D205 Sport/Touring tire on the rear.

  If you have read any of the reviews of the SV650 or SV650S in the numerous motorcycle mags, then you know that every person that has reviewed it has raved about what a great bike it is to ride. Everyone that has ridden ours, including us, agrees. The bike just has a fun factor built in that makes it a treat to take it out on a nice lonely twisty road and just carve your way to Nirvanna. If you are looking for top end speed, look elsewhere. This bike will do about 130mph indicated. But the real thrill of this bike is in coming out of corners and getting on the gas! It has loads of torque and is so lightweight that it transitions from one turn to another almost effortlessly. Another benefit of the lightweight is ease of maneuvering in parking lots and tight spaces. Beth is 5'5" and the bike fits her perfectly, she has no problems moving it around or reaching any of the controls.

The Bike Gets Sold

  The bike is sold in September of 2001 because Beth got a 98 VFR 800 in Blue with a full Two Brother's Exhaust system, including the stainless headers and a C5 Oval Titanium pipe. This is my old bike. I had a low speed high side and it messed up the bodywork on the right side. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get a new 2001 VFR 800 and for Beth to get a VFR. She has been commenting that she really likes riding the VFR. This got me thinking and now the SV650S is sold.

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