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 Mike Guillory's 94 VFR 750. This is a really sharp bike. Note the distinctive Yellow stripe in front of the cheese grater on the fairing. Also note the Turbo sticker above the stripe. The TwoBros pipe on this bike purrs like a lion hehe.

 Charlene and her Honda F3 600 in the foreground, Beth and her 99 Triumph Legend 900, Will and his 1999 Kawasaki ZRX-1100 and me with my 98 VFR 800. Mike is taking the picture.

 Charlene Guillory and her very nice looking Honda F3 600. Her other bike is a Magna, but I am not sure what year (same for the F3).

 All of the bikes. The Triumph paint is actually a beautiful imperial green. I just can't figure out how to get a picture of it where you can actually tell it is green, doh!

 A close up of my bike and the ZRX-1100. The ZRX is bone stock.

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