Scott's 2001 VFR 800, No frills and pretty much stock


Beth's 98 VFR 800, OEM blue bodywork and stripped rims

Beth's 1999 Triumph Legend TT 900

  This is a 1999 Triumph Legend TT 900, Beth's second bike. We purchased it used in Feb. 2000. The original owner purchased it new in Nov. 1999. He put approximately 1400 miles on it in the year he had it. We brought it home and immediately changed the oil. We then took it to our local dealer and had the 600 mile service performed and a general tune up. Due to the age of the original battery and the lack of mileage I installed a new battery about a week after we got it home.

  When we purchased the bike, it came with the Triumph summer sport windscreen shown in the pictures here, a Triumph winter full screen, and the sissy bar with luggage rack. Since the purchase, I have installed a center stand, making maintenance much easier. We have also installed the pannier brackets on each side of the bike to keep any soft luggage from interfering with the rear tire. This is to be the bike that Beth takes on her first long distance road trip.

  The bike is chain driven. It holds four gallons of gas and has a range of about 140-150 miles before the reserve has to be used. Beth typically got about 50-52 mpg on a regular basis. It is a five speed transmission. We took a trip to North Carolina with the bike and put about 2500 miles on it in August of 2000. It was loaded With two saddle bags, a tail bag on the rear seat and another on the luggage rack, the bike handled great on the highway and in the mountains. We have also used a tank bag with no problems, similar to the one shown in the above picture on the VFR. The gas mileage did not drop off with the full load. The bike handles highways speeds with no problems and does very well even in strong crosswinds.

  The last day of our trip to North Carolina, the bike was dropped at about 10 mph in the grass on the shoulder of the road. The bike left the road upright, slowed and then fell over right before stopping. The left blinker, left head light bracket, and the windscreen mounts were all replaced. The gas tank had a small dent on the front left side from the triple clamp and a smaller one on the front underside from the windscreen. I tried taking pictures of the under side dent but it wouldn't show up. We continued using the windscreen with new mounting hardware. There was no damage to the side of the bike. Total repairs by the dealer were $302.00 for parts and labor. Since then, we have put about another 2500 miles on the bike and it is fine.

  At the end of March 2001, an unknown local bonehead(s) came into our driveway and knocked the bike over onto it's left side, the same side as the low speed tip over. As the bike was still fully insured, we took it to the shop for repairs. The few small things we did not repair from the low speed tip over were repaired at this time. The gas tank was replaced with a new one, the windscreen and mounting hardware were replaced, the left mirror, the left side cover (green piece under the seat with silver badge that says "Legend"), the front fender, the handlebar and the chrome trim around the headlight. The bike also received it's 12,000 mile service and another tune-up. The mechanic checked to make sure no oil got into any places where it should not be while the bike was on it's side. The plugs were changed, a new battery installed and the carbs were cleaned.

  This is a good bike for anyone that is inseam challenged. The seat height is 27 inches. It has loads of torque low in the rpm range making it very easy to drive. Everywhere we have gone, this bike always attracts comments and admirers. This bike is very much underrated and ignored by the cycling press. It handles very well, even with luggage, at high speeds in the mountains. I have been able to hang with packs of sport riders with ease. It has more cornering clearance than your typical standard. Unfortunately, Triumph stopped making it as of 2002.

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