One of the Formal Rose Gardens

  This is one of many climbing roses in the garden. Despite the number of blooms on the vine, there are probably twice that many buds still unopened.

  I am amazed at the variety of the shapes, sizes and smells of the different blossoms.

  Here you can see one of the many buds waiting for their day in the sun. The variety of thorns is also amazing. Some of the roses have thorns that could kill and some none at all.

  There are other types of roses besides the climbing vine type pictured here. There are bush types all over the place. For some reason I just didn't get any pictures of them. Besides, these vine type are just so cool looking hehe.

  A close-up on one of many perfect little buds. The delicate texture and perfect shading are just fascinating to me. A photograph is a poor representation (especially one of mine).

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