Views From the Scenic Overlook

  This is looking out from the top of the highest waterfall.

   Down below you can see one of the few remaining Dogwoods that are still blooming. This is still at the top of the waterfall.

  This is a small gardenette at the base of the lookout hill. The bushes are losing many of their buds. My Mom told me that this particular spot was brilliant the week before our trip. Win some, lose some ;-)

  Here you can see several of the paved walkways that lazily wind their way around the grounds. The humps are just dirt covered with some kind of nice looking ground cover.

  This is the view as the path winds away from the interesting humps. Note the small creek. It winds all over the place much like the sidewalks and has small Perch swimming up and down its' length. If only I had a back yard like this place! (and someone to take care of it for me hehe).

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