The Mexican Chef Parking Lot

  Click on any of the images to see full sized image. I used Dad's Sony Mavica MVC-FD73 Digital camera in 640 X 480 mode to take the pictures. They are not quite as sharp as I would like. Next time I might try a higher resolution.

 The parking lot of The Mexican Chef in Montgomery on FM 149 just North of Hwy 105. Obviously, several folks are unclear on the concept of posing for a picture ;-) That is Bill Bray in the red jacket with his 99 Honda VFR 800 behind Mike. Steve is in the yellow and black jacket.

 Steve Richardson's 1998 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R. A really fun ride in the twisties!

 Beth bundled up for the cold ride ahead. This is her new 2001 Suzuki SV650S. This is the first ride since completing the break in period on the engine! Now we can really open it up and see what it will do. The bike is a blast to ride because it only weighs around 375 lbs dry but has loads of power.

 That is Charlene Guillory with her Honda F3 sitting behind Beth. You can also see the back end of my VFR on the left hehe.

 This is Dave Ramirez posing with his 2000 Honda CBR XX 1100 Blackbird. Now here is a guy that knows how to pose!

 This is Mike and Charlene Guillory. Mike's bike is a 94 Honda VFR 750. I am unsure what year Charlene's F3 is? Bill Bray and his 99 VFR 800 are hiding behind Mike.

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