My Collection of Odd Photos Taken While Stopped at the Willow City Scenic Overlook

  Erosion in process. This is a large outcrop of the pick granite so common to the area. There is all kinds of fuzzy stuff sinking roots into the surface of the rock. That combined with the wetting and drying cycles make the surface of the granite brittle and crumbly. Besides, I think it looks cool.

  More fuzzy stuff.

  Here we are, goofing off and having fun, then I spot this little guy and think, "Wow, this guy never gets a day off!" Well, he is either dead or sleeping on the job. Even after a slight poke he did not budge much, just a little twitch of the legs. He is completely coated in pollen.

  As I was putting the camera back in the bag and getting ready to leave, I noticed a really cool cactus on the side of the road above the fuzzy chunks of granite. I hastily grabbed the camera and climbed up the rocks for a better view. Here I find another little denizen of the land hard at work. He had better be careful, if I could spot him with my horrible eyesight, surely one of the circling birds will spot him soon.

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