Willow City Scenic Valley Overlook

  This is my wife Beth, and friend Will Bird. She won't allow me to take pictures of her with her helmet off unless she has a hat on, and she did not feel like getting out her hat, hehe. By the looks of Will's hair, it is obvious that he is oblivious to such concerns.

  Phil is busily tinkering with his Concours while John Sturgis and Angel take in the scenery. That is Vicki's new 2001 Triumph Bonneville in the middle of the picture.

  Vicki Contella poses with her new Bonneville. What a pretty bike.

  Phil is beginning to wonder if we'll ever get this show back on the road? He threatened to beat us up if we made fun of him for wearing his mask. He has bad allergies. What a diehard rider! He braves the blooming flowers and trees protected by a thin little paper mask! (said in all seriousness, honest.)

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