Hanging Out in The Parking Lot of The Motel in Marble Falls

  This big bad Harley was getting all kinds of google eyed stares from passersby. They are friends of Charlie and Vicki's but as usual, I have forgotten their names. Sorry.

  This is the nice couple that belong to the big Harley. They did not wind up going with us, but instead forged their own path for the day.

  Will Bird is slow in getting out of the picture. Shown is Beth's 2001 Suzuki SV650S, my 98 Honda VFR 800, the Big Bad Harley, Will's 2000 Kawasaki ZRX-1100, a big old BMW touring bike on the far left (loaner from a local dealer in Houston), and you can kind of see Charlie's Triumph Thunderbird behind the SV650.

  This is Will Bird doing his best "Biker Dude" pose in front of his 2000 Kawasaki ZRX-1100. Convincing eh? ;-)

  This is Angel (left) and Vicki Contella (right). The Yamaha in front of Angel belongs to Vicki, it was her first bike. I don't know what year, but it is a Virago. There is a good look at the front of the big touring Beemer. Anyone know what model it is?

  This is Charlie's brother, Milt, and his 92 Honda ST 1100. Very nice guy. He's a retired NASA guru. Funny how engineers gravitate toward Honda's ;-) That is my wife, Beth, to his right standing next to her Suzuki SV650S.

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