Enchanted Rock State Park

  This is just a craggy outcrop and not the actual dome. Those trees on the outcrop are large Oak trees and not bushes hehe. Some of those fuzzy bumps on the top are hikers taking in the view.

  This is a large part of the actual dome. Those tiny little bumps on the top are people that have taken the time to hike out to the rock and still have enough stamina left to climb up the thing. Notice that I am lazily taking a picture from far away. I did at least get off the motorcycle. Whew!

  They are hard to see, but there are actually people scattered all over the place in the foreground of this picture, slowly climbing over the rocks and making their way to the main dome. It wears me out just watching them.

  See the big rocks in the center of the picture? Those are people sitting and standing on top of it. There are some other people scattered about trying to figure out how to get up to the top of that rock. I didn't take the time to hook up the telephoto, so you'll have to hunt and peck to see them.

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