Scott's 2001 VFR 800, No frills and pretty much stock


Beth's 98 VFR 800, OEM blue bodywork and stripped rims

Scott's 1992 Honda Nighthawk CB750 - Concan, Tx.

  In an effort to spare ourselves the agony of watching modern civilization go up in a puff of smoke, we decided to spend the Y2K New Years Weekend in Concan. This little town is nicely situated in the Texas Hill Country affording us some fantastic riding. This is the first time I have ever had the Nighthawk on any serious twisty roads. I think the bike handles great, even two up. I find out later when I buy the VFR that I am sorely mistaken hehe.

  This is Brian and Lori Jones. He is the little devil on one of my shoulders ;-) That is obviously a fake halo around his head!

  This is one of Brian Jones' bikes. It is a Yamaha 600cc. I'm not sure which model or year. For years, all I ever saw of this bike was pieces in the garage, in the living room, in the back room, etc,... Then we made a trip up to Dallas to see Brian and Lori and what do you know...? He has a completed and freshly painted bike in his garage! He does some fun canyon blasting on this bike Friday afternoon, Beth and I usually catch up with him at the next intersection hehe. We could not have asked for better riding conditions this weekend. I definitely see a trip back in the future...

  Here are the only pictures of the Nighthawk with the new Corbin seat installed.

  We do not realize it when we back up next to the shoulder here that there is a disgusting heap of roadkill on the side of the road right behind us. It is all we can do to smile for the picture rather than puke on the pavement because of the wretched stench. These shots are at the rest stop up on the ridge of FM 337. The picture on the left is from my Nikon N70 and gives a much better view of the what the colors are like this day, for the bikes and the sky.

  The Texas Hill Country is a great place to go riding. The roads are twisty and fun and the scenery is right out of some Clint Eastwood western flick. You do have to be wary of flash flooding though. On some roads we see entire trees uprooted and resting in the branches of other trees along the river banks! This area has become a regular stomping ground for us.

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